Hey Raymond & Co Family!!!!!!!

Isaiah-Raymond Dyer 2014

Hi Guys!

I hope you’re all well, it’s with great happiness that I write this short blog to you all.
After 7 years, the original line up of Raymond & Co will be coming together to make a few appearances this month March 2014. You can find details about the events on the events link, we would really love to see you all. On behalf of Raymond & Co I want to say a ‘a big thank you’ to all of our supporters, your love and presence over the years has been priceless!!

Having this opportunity to share with you all again is so great and we don’t take it for granted, since 2013 ending and the start of 2014 we’ve seen many that we know pass on so we’re truly grateful to God for this precious chance to see you all again.

It’s amazing that during our 20th year anniversary these events have come together so wonderfully, we’re excited and will take lots of pictures and make videos specially for you so please do come back and check us out!!

Please feel free to leave a comment, we look forward to hearing from you all soon.

God bless

Isaiah-Raymond & The Co :D

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Raymond & Co 2014